Recording Portfolio

Here you can find samples of past works as well as some projects that I am currently working on.  Feel free to take a listen and leave feedback.  All works here were recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself, except where otherwise noted.  They are also all copyright of their respective owners.

The Pacific Stocktones EP is the first commercial release for University of the Pacific’s premier a cappella group, the Pacific Stocktones.  I handled all recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.   I also designed the cover art.

Roots is the debut album for local singer/songwriter Annela Flores.  I was the recording engineer for the album, and handled all recording, mixing, and mastering.  All but two tracks were recorded and mixed in the Owen Hall Recording Studio.

Soul Finesse is a compilation album recently put out by Pac Ave Records that I co-produced, recorded, and mixed.  It features a variety of local talent, spanning numerous genres.  All recording and mixing was done at the Owen Hall Recording Studio, and mastering was done by Joe Tarantino.


This is a composition by local composer Jared Keffer,  intended to be used as the opening track for his latest album.  It was recorded live in the Owen Hall Recording Studio, performed by student musicians.

This recording is of a trombone quartet performing a ricercar by Baroque composer Domenico Gabrielli.  It was recorded live in the lobby of a large dining facility, another very live space.

This track is from one of several sessions I have done with a local string quartet: The Beam String Quartet.  It was recorded live in our campus recital hall.

This recording comes from a session done with Mu Phi Epsilon, a professional music fraternity here at the conservatory, to document some of their fraternity songs. It was recorded live in our campus recital hall.

This piece is another earlier recording of mine and comes from the first full-length album I worked on, performed by a local jazz group called On Track.  It was recorded in a high school band room. In addition to featuring my work as a recording engineer, it also features myself on the bass.

This piece of contemporary art music was composed by local composer Nick Joven, and  performed by an ensemble of music students and alumni from University of the Pacific.  It was recorded live at the Owen Hall Recording Studio.  It was an interesting piece to record and mix due to the various extended techniques used by the performers, and the unique timbres and textures they produced.

Thanks for listening!



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