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My name is Robert Bassett and I am a freelance musician, engineer, and producer with eight years of experience in music composition, music education, sound recording, mixing and mastering, live sound production, and music performance.

As a musician I am primarily a jazz bassist performing across Northern California, and have performed with local legends such as Ernie BucioBill Watrouss, Joe Mazzaferro, Mic Gillette,  Ali Ryerson, and Jeff Bordes.  I’ve also had the pleasure of performing in big bands backing up performers such as Joan Rivers and Don Rickles. I have also performed in a number of groups throughout the central valley playing genres such as jazz, Latin, rock, contemporary christian, traditional Mexican trio music, funk, and classical.

As a sound engineer and producer I work out of the Owen Hall Recording Studio, a fully-equipped professional recording studio located on campus at University of the Pacific.  I also have my own mobile recording setup for remote and live recordings.  Genres I most frequently work with include jazz, alternative rock, and classical.  I have worked on projects ranging from audition recordings, to the recording, mixing, mastering, and distribution of full length studio albums.  Past clients include high school ensembles, string quartets, choirs, and rock groups.  Last summer, I interned at Fantasy Studios, a world-renowned recording facility located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I recently graduated from University of the Pacific, where I studied music management in the Conservatory of Music, with a concentration in string bass performance and a focus on sound engineering.  In addition to my studies and other work, I also work at GK Music, where I teach individual guitar and piano lessons, run live sound for various events, work as a summer music camp instructor,  and lead a group of students as part of an annual rock band program developed to give students real world performance experience.

 I am absolutely loving what I do, and I’m always looking for more opportunities to gain experience in the music world, as well as use the skills I’ve acquired so far.